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Getting there

The Karavanke range of mountains border with Austria to the north, whilst towards the west, the border is with Italy’s Friuli-Venezia Giulia region, and towards the southwest with the Slovenian region of Goriška.

Getting there

Road links

The region is on the route of the 10th European motorway corridor, and from Ljubljana to the Karavanke Tunnel is almost completely connected with motorway.

The A2 Karavanke - Obrežje motorway is an arterial road that links Gorenjska with central Slovenia and its capital, Ljubljana. In the south eastern direction it heads towards the Dolenjska region, and provides a key connection with Austria via the Karavanke Tunnel, and with Croatia at the opposite direction via the Obrežje border pass which is an integral part of the 10th European corridor.

Distances from Kranj to a selection of European cities:
Kranj - Vienna: 413 km
Kranj - Munich: 382 km
Kranj - Zürich: 627 km
Kranj - Rome: 786 km
Kranj - Zagreb: 174 km
Kranj - Budapest: 467 km
Kranj - Prague: 636 km

Railway links

Gorenjska is on the route of the 10th European railway corridor linking  Salzburg – Villach – Jesenice - Ljubljana – Zidani Most – Dobova – Zagreb – Belgrade – Niš – Skopje – Thessaloniki, with a branch leading of towards Graz – Maribor – Zidani Most.

Slovenske Železnice - the Slovene national railway operator - connects Gorenjska with international railway services via the following countries and cities: 
Austria: Vienna, Graz, Villach, Salzburg
Czech Republic: Prague
Croatia: Zagreb, Rijeka, Opatija, Pula
Italy: Venice
Hungary: Budapest
Germany: Munich, Frankfurt
Serbia: Belgrade
Switzerland: Zürich

Airport links

The Jože Pučnik International airport is centrally located in the heart of the Gorenjska region. It links Slovenia with many major airports in Europe and worldwide. In addition, Slovenia and Gorenjska are indirectly connected with the rest of world by international airports of neighbouring countries, at Graz, Klagenfurt, Vienna, Trieste, Venice and Zagreb.

The Jože Pučnik Airport Ljubljana has regular bus connection with the central railway station in Ljubljana. You may also take the train to Ljubljana or depart from Kranj, which has regular bus connections with the airport that is only 11 km from the centre. A number of rent-a-car providers are available at the airport.

Air transport in Slovenia is provided by the national and international airlines:
Adria Airways 
Air France 
Air Serbia 
Wizz air
Montenegro Airlines 
Turkish Airlines

Bus connections

The main bus station in Ljubljana is located directly across the road from the train station. Bus connections are frequent and available to distant locations throughout the country.