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Tourist farm Ancel

Zgornje Jezersko 151, SI - 4206 Jezersko
Tel.: +386 (0)4 254 11 46

Lakeside restaurant Gostišče ob Planšarskem jezeru

Lakeside restaurant Gostišče ob Planšarskem jezeru
Zgornje Jezersko 125a
Tel.: +386 (0)31 823 117, +386 (0)4 254 50 60
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Walks to the lake Planšarsko Jezero from all directions are very popular among tourists and locals. The little heart-shaped lake was artificially made by locals in memory of a larger glacial lake after which Jezersko got its name. It is the greatest attraction of the region and somewhat its symbol.
A diverse hiking trail leads around the lake and it is a nice place to visit at any time of the year. In summer, you can hike the nearby hills, cycle or take a scenic walk. In winter, the surroundings are perfect for tackling cross-country tracks and skating on the frozen lake or an artificial ice skating rink. The restaurant Gostišče ob jezeru by the lake Planšarsko Jezero offers many of the typical regional dishes, such as masovnik (flour cooked in cream) and sour milk, veal stew with buckwheat žganci, game with bread dumplings, home-made cream cake and much more.
A large parking lot for buses is located nearby.

Boarding house Kanonir

Boarding house Kanonir
Spodnje Jezersko 5, 4206 Jezersko
Tel.: +386 (0)4 254 10 50
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