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The glacier below Skuta is considered to be the southernmost glacier in the Alps, and the Ankova mineral water has the highest magnesium content of all mineral waters in Slovenia, Stegovnik is the oldest mountain in Slovenia, Grintavec is the highest peak (2558m) in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps... This is Jezersko, whose unique natural qualities attract mountaineers, hikers, bikers, tourists…

In addition to untamed nature, there is also a vast variety of cultural heritage. Two boundary stones located at Zgornje Fužine are a testimony of a common history with Carinthia. The museum in the former Jenko Barracks (Jenkova Kasarna), which was actually constructed as a kind of hospice/inn, houses an ethnographic collection whilst the former partisan hospital at Krtina is well worth visiting. The most typical, as well as photogenic, of the ancient farms is the Šenk Farmhouse, dating from the 16th century.

Planšarsko jezero

The little heart-shaped lake was created by local inhabitants in memory of a larger glacial lake that has now drained away. In summer, it allows boating and in winter skating as well as the chance to enjoy tasty local food all year round.

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The Sheep Ball

The indigenous Jezersko-Solčava sheep is bred in Jezersko. A renowned Sheep Ball is organised every second Sunday in August, which revives the traditions of former pastoral farming manners and customs. Treat yourself to traditional delicacies and buy some wool products.

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The Šenk Farmhouse

With a panoramic view of Ravenska Kočna in the background, the Šenk farmhouse is the most frequently photographed in the Jezersko region. One of the first farms in the area, it is more than 400 years old!

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Mineral water spring and Ankovi Slapovi waterfalls

One of the geological peculiarities of the area is the mineral water spring above the Ankova farmhouse. This water has the highest magnesium content of all mineral waters in Slovenia. Deep in a woods above the spring there are hidden waterfalls where you can leave the worries of everyday life far behind.
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Mountain hut Češka koča

Legendary mountain hut which fully preserved its more than 100 years old original countenance.
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The rural and highland museum in a former hospice for travellers features inscriptions made by 16th century visitors.

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TIC Jezersko