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Situated in close proximity to Kranj, there is a place of ploughed fields, green meadows, dark woods and particularly hospitable houses, with flowers on the window sills. At one time it was 'home' to brigands who preferred to live in secret communities rather than sign up for military life. One of their hideouts was Arneževa Luknja near the village of Duplje which can be accessed by the Pod Krivo Jelko circular nature trail. In addition, there are the popular forest trails in the Udin Boršt natural park and Dobrava where the constantly dripping water fossilises the moss. These trails pass picturesque churches and lead to the Gradič Manor in Okroglo and the Dupljanska Graščina Manor in Spodnje Duplje. On a hike in the neighbourhood you will be surprised by a number of hayracks in Strahinje. The area offers plenty of recreational and hiking possibilities, as well as the chance to discover interesting karstic phenomena.

Church at Podbrezje

Due to its beauty, this small church with its pointed bell tower and steep Gothic roof, has featured in works of world cinematography. Among other things, its rich interior includes a painting of the Immaculate Conception by the famous Slovenian paintress, Ivana Kobilica and The Death of Saint Francis Xavier by Layer.

Fish Ponds in Žeje

These fish ponds in Bistrica near Naklo and the associated Fishing Association building allows fishing adventures all year long for experienced or amateur fishermen as well as families. One may fish carp, tench, pike, perch, bighead carp and other smaller types of fish, as well as rainbow trout in the trout pond.

The Vogvar farmhouse, Duplje

This farmhouse is over 200 years old, and together with an outbuilding and shoemaker's shop is now an ethnographic museum and a monument of cultural and historical heritage, illustrating the lifestyle in Duplje during the 18th century.

Dupljanska Graščina Manor

Part of the manor is furnished and decorated with objects of 19th century civic culture, whilst the lower rooms include a gallery and a history room. Take a walk in the luxurious Baroque garden and discover the engraved coat-of-arms of the Knight of Duplje above the main entrance.
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Gradič at Okroglo

The manor house features a domed tower, a beautiful chapel and an ancient Baroque-period park. The embossed round stones set into the park paths, together with the boards in Braille, allow the visually impaired to enjoy pleasant walks and have the opportunity to discover more than 30 species of flowers and shrubs.

First of May Vintage Vehicle Parade

Vintage vehicle enthusiasts hold their traditional annual parade in Naklo on the 1st May, and are joined by a great many spectators.


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