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The locality below Storžič, the two-thousand metre peak within the Kamnik-Savinje Alps, has a special energy that attracts newly-weds! There are many legends about its special charm - not to mention the possibilities of excellent hiking trips over a number of special mountain routes!  You may climb the Zaplata right up to the Hudičev Boršt, or keep to the valley and explore Hrib Castle, Fuschs and Wurzbach Manor as well as the Baroque St. Peter’s Church. The ease and tranquillity of Preddvor will appeal to everyone who can take a minute by the lake, listen to the sound of their steps in the tree-lined avenue or simply breathe in the energy of nature.

Črnava Lake

This mysterious lake with its dark green surface is a popular destination for tourist boats and fishermen in summer, whilst the icy winters attract skaters. The park by the lake is the venue for wedding ceremonies whilst the Sekvoja Energy Park and the BioSinhron health centre are also in the vicinity.

Hudičev Boršt at Zaplata

The Zaplata mountain is famous for its unusual forested ‘spot’ on its otherwise bare slopes. The legend says that Zaplata was created by the devil himself; he carried the forest to the mountain to take it away from two neighbours who argued about who owned it. This is also why Preddvor's souvenir is a wooden figure of the devil carrying a forest on his shoulder.

The Room of Josipina Turnograjska

Turn Castle was the birthplace of the first Slovenian female writer; Josipina Urbančič (her pen name was Josipina Turnograjska), and has a memory room dedicated to her. The façade of the castle features her bust, and her summerhouse is not far from the castle.

The Wedding Tree Avenue

Legend says that the ash trees on the avenue by the Črnava Lake intertwined their tops to hide the gardener and the lord's daughter in their forbidden love meetings. Their love was finally blessed with 50 years of fidelity - which is also guaranteed to the newlyweds who take a walk through the tree-lined avenue!

Festivals of Music and Joy

Every May there is the Festival of Music and Joy featuring a rich programme of folk and ethnic music and other entertainment. Every Christmas the local inhabitants stage the Sinking of the Spruce to the bottom of the Črnava Lake. Those joining the Family walk to Sv. Jakob and other Shrovetide festivities are also regular visitors of Preddvor.


Tourist Information Center

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