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The romantic image of Bled beckons betrothed couples to promise each other everlasting love here. It thus comes as no surprise that both locals and numerous foreigners from around the world choose Bled as the venue of their magical wedding day. You can tie the knot while overlooking the blue waters of Lake Bled or in the company of the lord of the castle and his entourage, and you may enrich your day with a ride on a traditional ‘pletna’ boat to Slovenia’s only island, where the first test in the new marriage awaits the groom: for good luck in the marriage, he must carry his bride up all ninety-nine steps leading to the top of the island. The newlyweds may then ring the wishing bell in the island church, which promises to make their dreams come true, and take a horse-drawn carriage from the lake shore to the venue of their wedding reception.

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A wedding in the embrace of magnificent nature

Newlyweds-to-be may select a boat  as the venue for the decisive “I do”, where they will promise each other eternal fidelity on the shimmering surface of Lake Bohinj. Alternatively, you may wish to experience the magic of the natural surroundings at a ceremony in the flowering Ceconi Park, at the Bohinj Park EKO Hotel, or on Mount Vogel, which boasts the most beautiful views of Mount Triglav, Slovenia's highest peak, and the Julian Alps.

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Your wedding day in the embrace of unspoilt countryside

Cerklje’s rich offer entices wedding couples to stay longer, as thousands of sports, ethnological and culinary adventures are available, guaranteeing that you can spend your time here in the most varied pursuits. One of the highlights will doubtlessly be a visit to Krvavec, which offers thirty kilometres of well-groomed ski slopes in winter. In warmer months, as many as ten activities are available within the framework of the Krvavec Summer Park, as well as a bike park, tandem paragliding and hiking.

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Among ironworking tradition and pristine white daffodils

A wedding in Jesenice is characterised by a touch of the past and the tradition which are within reach in this town of iron and flowers. You may select the beautiful ambience of Stara Sava as the backdrop of your special day or venture into the beautiful countryside, where, as if to order, Mother Nature sprinkles the meadows with countless pristine white daffodils in the month of love and thus creates an idyllic setting with Golica Hill in the background.

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Jezersko offers betrothed couples special settings for a unique wedding. Your religious ceremony may be held in the old church, which was first mentioned in writing in 811AD, while your civil services and the wedding reception can be held outdoors, in an ancient barn or in the mighty farmhouse, which all reflect the labour and endeavour of generations of our forefathers. The wonderful natural surroundings of Jezersko also inspire beautiful wedding photos, for which the panorama of the Grintovci range presents a unique and timeless background.

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Your special day in the capital of the Slovenian Alpine region

For your wedding day, you may select the urban framework of Kranj, or venture further afield, where rivers, forests and meadows provide a fabulous backdrop from the natural world. Whichever setting you choose, unforgettable memories are guaranteed. The official location for wedding ceremonies in Kranj is the beautiful Renaissance Hall on the first floor of the Town Hall, which is one of the most important architectural monuments in Slovenia. The hall, which offers wedding couples an intimate, fairytale-like and romantic ambience, is embellished by inlaid doors with the inscription 1638 and a Renaissance- style wooden cassetted ceiling.

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Kranjska Gora

A dream day in a nature lovers’ heaven

In the Upper Sava Valley, visitors are accompanied by unforgettable views across the Julian and Karavanke Alps and fresh air at every step, while the locals are proud of their rich heritage and the bounties bestowed on them by nature. A wedding day in Kranjska Gora will thus be characterised by the magnificent environment and the friendliness and hospitality of its people who will welcome you with open arms.

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Among its natural sights, the ash tree avenue in the park of Hrib Castle deserves special mention here. According to local legend, the avenue, whose branches intertwine at the top to make a tunnel, offered shelter to a forbidden love between a gardener and a young lady from the castle, which came to a happy ending, and nowadays the avenue guarantees fifty years of happiness, love and fidelity in marriage to newlyweds who walk through it.

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Honestly sweet vows

A wedding in Radovljica has a touch of the authentic, homely Slovenia, as tradition and the modern age walk hand-in-hand here. You may say “I do” in the embrace of Radovljica’s charming medieval town centre or venture further afield to quiet rural corners, where majestic nature lies below the peaks of the Karavanke Alps and the Jelovica Plateau. These places are the home of gingerbread- making, iron forgery, Slovenian popular folk music and sweet delights such as honey and chocolate.  Newlyweds-to-be will be enthused by the range of venues for ceremonies and receptions on offer, ranging from outdoor settings to manors and rustic inns. The icing on the cake of your wedding reception will be excellent cuisine, should your preference be for modern cooking or traditional Slovenian dishes prepared in line with our grandmothers’ recipes.

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Škofja Loka

Thousand-year-old Škofja Loka is among the best-preserved medieval  towns in Slovenia. The charming old core entices betrothed couples to make their vows here. Wedding couples may opt for a medieval wedding at Loka Castle, where you will tie the knot in  the splendour of medieval costumes and accompanied by the Loka page and governor, or choose to write your name into castle history in the castle chapel, accompanied by gentle music. Flower- decked gardens are hidden behind the mighty walls of the bourgeois houses, inviting you to embark on your common path outdoors, in the intimate atmosphere of a wedding ceremony in the town garden, while you may also live your wedding dream in the wedding hall of Žigon’s house, where a civic wedding will be prepared for you.

The magical Tavčar Manor stands not far from Škofja Loka in the beautiful Poljane Valley, where you can exchange the rings outdoors or in the beautiful wedding hall and enjoy your wedding reception under the hayrack close to the manor.

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Tržič and the surrounding area beckon nature lovers who appreciate the beauty of the forests, the diversity of the flora and the attraction of murmuring waters. Its location and Alpine climate offer pleasantly cool summer evenings, while snow lies in the surrounding mountains until late spring. Interesting buildings embellish the old town of Tržič, whose architecture reflects the history of the town, which is renowned for traditional crafts and events related to ancient customs and heritage. You may get married in Tržič in an official location, the renovated wedding hall.

The wedding hall is also a gallery hosting art, sculptures and photographic exhibitions by local and foreign artists, with the exhibits giving the space a special charm. The hall is especially suitable for smaller, intimate wedding ceremonies.

Weddings in Slovenian Alps