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Gorenjska Regional Museum

Kranj Town Hall houses the major part of the Gorenjska Regional Museum and its permanent collections encompass fine art, archaeology and ethnography; of particular note is its gold and silver jewellery dating from the 5th and 6th century.

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Tržič Museum

The museum hosts a shoemaking, leather, dye and textile collection, a collection of local history and a permanent gallery collection.

The Slovenian Alpine Museum

The Slovenian Alpine Museum in Mojstrana hosts a rich collection of items and photographs, which are testimony to the importance of the mountaineering activity in Slovenia and which showcase the beauty of the alpine world.

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Škofja Loka Museum

Škofja Loka Museum presents the life of the in the river basin area of the two Sora rivers in various prehistoric periods, the emergence and development of the medieval Škofja Loka together with economic and cultural development of the city before industrialization. The museum features a collection of eight traditional crafts and rich artistic heritage as well as the collections of the painter Ivan Grohar and writer Ivan Tavčar. The outdoor museum features Škropar house with a black kitchen.

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Radovljica Municipal Museum

Located in a picturesque manor house in the old centre, Radovljica Municipal Museum presents the life and work of Anton Tomaž Linhart.

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Museum of Hostages

It also collaborates with specialised smaller museums and galleries locally, including the Museum of Hostages in Begunje. Housed in the Katzenstein Manor, in which some 10,000 Gestapo prisoners were once held, this museum preserves the memories of victims, the internees who perished or were put to death here during the Second World War.

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The Alpine Dairy Museum in the abandoned old cheese factory describes the history of mountain cattle rearing in Bohinj and the life of alpine dairy farmers. The museum exhibits original cheesemaking tools, kits and items used by the alpine dairy farmers during their work in the mountains.

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Gingerbread museum, Radovljica

Gingerbread workshop, where you can observe in real time the ancient, original process of manufacturing gingerbread products and make your own gingerbread product.

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Avsenik museum

Display of the greatness of the Avsenik music with the possibility of viewing a documentary film and exhibition of artwork by renowned domestic and foreign artists.

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Hunting Museum

Private hunting museum with a rich collection of Slovenian game and several exotic species.

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Slovenian Skiing Museum

Tržič is one Slovenia’s first centres of skiing, and the town that has produced the highest num ber of winter Olympians. It is therefore no coincidence that the Slovenian Skiing Museum has found its home in this town.


Commemorative room of Tomaž Godec, leather museum and small war museum of the Isonzo Front.

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Area characterised by preserved buildings of the former iron foundry settlement: Ruard Mansion, Church of St Mary’s Assumption, workers’ residential house, a blast furnace with a puddling mill, storage for charcoal and a mill; exhibition on the history of the iron industry and the workers' living culture and “With Clara along Stara Sava” multivision.

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Železniki Museum

A museum dedicated to the iron industry, displaying the extraction of iron ore, transport, melting and processing of iron and manufacture of iron products; wood department; a blast furnace, i.e. furnace for melting the iron ore, is on display on the square in front of the museum.

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Museum dedicated to the development of the processing of iron from ore to nails and to the life of the smiths; collection of products made of artfully forged iron; collection of nails.

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The birth house of painters Jurij and Janez Šubic; presentation of the works of the painters and carvers of the famous Šubic family, demonstration of the creative processes, carvings, paintings, frescos, graphics; creating in art studios, art workshops for children and adults.

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A museum about shoemaking, the history of the town and its residents, the heritage of the Rapallo Border and the Rupnik Line and the painters of Žiri.

Museum of Apiculture

Housed in a fine Baroque town house, Radovljica’s Museum of Apiculture presents the history and distinctive features of beekeeping in Slovenia and encompasses a collection of decorative beehive panels.

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