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Kekec Land, Kranjska Gora

Kranjska Gora is the birthplace of the writer Josip Vandot who created a little boy called Kekec, who sings, eats "žganci" with sour milk and outwits the awful Bedanec ... Children aged 3 to 10 are invited to Kekec Land. The Bedanec bus will take you to the fairytale town and bring you back after two hours.

You can bring your parents too, if they are well behaved.

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Land of Dwarfs, GOZD MARTULJEK

We will be one step ahead of you the entire time and leave you marks that you are on the right path. You have to carefully observe the surroundings of Jasenje in the Martuljek Forest so that we don’t surprise you from our ambush. But when you enter the door of our Land of Dwarfs we will also present ourselves. There is nothing to be afraid of, your guide will be with you ...

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Travelling along the trails of the Triglav fairytales

"Travelling along the trails of the Triglav fairytales" is a unique family experience for all who love the world of fairytales. A theatre group will lead you to the original places of seven Triglav fairytales and revive old customs, superstitions and habits in Mojstrana and Dovje. Your stomach will also get a fairytale treat.

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Mišmaš Bakery

The Mišmaš Bakery is a playroom for learning and includes theatrical, teaching, storytelling and artistic work. In the real Mišmaš Bakery children play the roles of mice, the helpers of Mišmaš, and with the help of some face painting are transformed into the enchanted ancient mouse society. The participants also make their own bread. When they enter the bakery, they enter a fairy-tale world, where they participate in a play.

The workshop is appropriate for all groups above the age of 4.


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Kekec Orientation Adventure

In an orientation theme park in Kranjska Gora you can discover natural and cultural sights, as well as animation and recreational activities in nature. Your task is to start at Bedanc's Home and find all five characters from the novel Kekec, obtain a stamp at each point, and then return to the starting point.

Who will be the first to return?


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A trail where seven fairy tales from Bohinj and educational activities on information signs await for you.

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Journey through a land of fairy tales accompanied by Grandfather Frost, encounter with fairy-tale characters.

Land of Slovenian Folk Tales

The land of fairytales, the home of fairies, the Pagan Girl, wild poachers hunting for Zlatorog, the Wild Woman from Babji zob, and the merman or water sprite, who will reveal their oldest secrets and mysteries.
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