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An historical town, once known as Neumarktl, located in a rich and varied alpine landscape. Due to its water courses it is also known as the »Venice of Gorenjska« (Carinthian Venice). Tržič used to be an industrial centre and today is the Karavanke Gem, boasting a rich technical heritage carefully preserved in museum collections. The only town in Europe where the houses have forged metal doors and window shutters, is an historical monument that surprises with its classical buildings with portals, bay windows (allowing a view along the street parallel to the house without opening it) and drying openings in the roofs. Cultural events give a special pulse to the town, exciting curiosity whereas the natural surroundings are most inviting. A hint for those who like minerals, fossils and the environment – visit the MINFOS fair.

The Dovžanova soteska Gorge

The Dovžanova soteska Gorge is a unique geological site, where rock dating back almost 300 million years can be found along a geological nature trail. Discover fossils and explore the mysteries of the Earth's formation. The site also has a climbing area.

Cobblers' Sunday

Cobblers' Sunday is the most popular event in Tržič. In addition to offering some favourable shoe shopping, this also offers a series of cultural, entertainment and ethnographic events and demonstrations of old crafts. Tržič caterers are waiting for you with a genuine ‘shoemaker's lunch’ of roast beef in the Tržič style.

Jožef Venceslav Radetzky - Joseph Radetzky

The famous general can take a great deal of credit for the development of Tržič. Take a walk through the field marshal's favourite town and its people, among whom he was very popular. In front of his former home, the Neuhaus Castle situated above the old town centre, a very special surprise awaits you.

Memorial park of the Mauthausen concentration camp

The memorial room and the surviving remains of the only concentration camp in the Slovenia, bear testimony to the horrors of this dark period of the Second World War.

International Days of Minerals, Fossils and Environment

On the second weekend in May, Tržič hosts both experts and amateurs in the field of minerals and fossils from Slovenia and abroad. In addition to the selling exhibition there are several workshops, seminars and meetings aimed at experts, offering a chance to exchange views and experiences.

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