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Slap Savica, Bohinj

Savica is one of the most impressive and one of the biggest waterfalls in Slovenia, fascinating with its primal energy. Bursting out of the steep rock wall under the wild Komarča, it represents both the beginning and the end of the Bohinj valley.

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Peričnik Waterfall

One of the most famous Slovenian waterfalls, consisting of a lower waterfall, 52 metres high and around which you can walk, and the 16-metre high upper waterfall. You can also view Peričnik Waterfall on a hike along the  Triglavska Bistrica Trail.

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Martuljški slapovi, Kranjska Gora

Under the Špik Mountain you will find two waterfalls – pearls of the Slovenian Alpine world. Especially spectacular is the Upper Martuljek waterfall, which descends in three stages over the vertical wall of 110m. The path to it is relatively easy, however the trail to the vicinity of the waterfall is only suitable for well-equipped mountaineers. Then, the stream continues through the Jasenje mountain and as the Lower Martuljek Waterfall runs over the 50-metre-high wall in a 400-metre-long and narrow Martuljek Gorge formed in limestone. We recommend visiting both waterfalls during late spring, when the waterfalls have the most water due to the melting snow.

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Šum Waterfall in Zgornja Besnica

Only 6km from Kranj through Zgornja Besnica to Nova vas and then only a 10min walk along the steep path to the Šum Waterfall, easily identified from afar by its roar. The Nemiljščica stream that springs to the surface east of the Jelovica plateau cascades over a rocky overhang in a 20m fall. The waterfall is an important natural monument, and visitors are urged to “leave no trace behind”.

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Mostnica Canyon and Voje Valley

The Mostnica is an alpine river featuring a series of troughs and falls, a display of Nature's creativity throughout the Voje valley to the Stara Fužina village. Explore this majestic natural area within a hand’s reach and take a walk enjoying the refreshing scent of the forest, bird song, and the rustling of a mountain brook.

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Kokra Canyon

Kranj’s Old Town is positioned on the amazingly impressive promontory rising 30m above the Kokra River Canyon, which protects the town from the east, and the Sava River on the southwest. The town centre including the Kokra Canyon was protected as a natural monument by a decree in 1983.

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In order to get to the Stegovnik Waterfall (Stegovniški slap), follow the Stegovnik stream just several hundred metres from Medvodje. The stream would have come to its end quite quickly and modestly in the Tržiška Bistrica river had it not collided with the dark-grey to almost black Middle Triassic dolomite. The waterfall measuring about 15m in height can be seen throughout the year. Access by mountain bike is also possible.

Radovna Valley

The path runs through the Triglav National Park along the Radovna River, from Krnica near Zgornje Gorje, past the Napoleon Stone to the Pocar Homestead in Zgornja Radovna.

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Čedca Waterfall in Jezersko

The Čedca Waterfall, at 132m once Slovenia’s highest waterfall, began to change in appearance in 2008. The waterfall area was hit by several consecutive rockfalls that have permanently changed the height of the waterfall and the flow of water across it. Today visitors can take a look at an impressive rockfall although they are recommended not to walk in its vicinity.
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