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A variety of thematic trails, dedicated to various aspects of this region’s natural and cultural heritage, provide an interesting experience for those who are enthusiastic to learn more about Alpine Slovenia. They encompass panoramic routes, forest tracks as well as scenic and informative rambles through nature, which link features of special natural and ethnographic interest, trails that transport you back in time as well as into a variety of pleasurable wonderlands.

Natural heritage

With visible traces of the effects of glaciation, including springs emanating from the marshy remnants of a lake dating from the end of the last Ice Age, and the meandering riverbed of the emergent Sava, the Zelenci nature reserve near Kranjska Gora is testimony to this area's geological past. The reserve also contains a number of rare and endangered animal and plant species.

The two-kilometre long Dovžan Gorge forest trail near Tržič is geologically very interesting; here you can also learn more about 23 species of tree and more than 15 types of shrub. And if you love forests, you should also walk the 5-km long Pusti Grad nature trail near Radovljica.

A 7.5 km long Pokljuka trail leads through forests, mountain pastures and other attractions of the Triglav National Park, an area which itself offers a number of other interesting nature trails, including the 10-km Triglavska Bistrica trail in the Vrata Valley. A number of marked routes around Škofja Loka - including the Loška path and the nearby Godeška path as well as Visoko forest trail near Poljane allow one to discover various tree species as well as the rich local heritage of this area. The Kokra Canyon trail in Kranj, offers a wonderful experience of river formations as well as the riverside flora and fauna.

Traditional crafts

Honey and the various honey manufactures are the main theme of the Beekeeping trails in the Poljanska Dolina valley; the Janša trail is dedicated to the life and work of the Carniolan father of modern apiculture, Anton Janša.

Insight into the everyday life of highland farms and the herdsmen who drove their cattle to the pastures above Tržič is provided by way of the Konšca trail, whereas the Cheese trail is the perfect choice to discover the culinary delights made in the alpine pastures above Bohinj.

The development of foundries and iron manufactures can be explored on several trails which lie at the periphery of the Triglav National Park, as well as around Jesenice, including Planina pod Golico and Savske Jame (“from charcoal to iron”). 
The Charcoal-burner's trail of St. Hermagoras (Sv. Mohor) of Aquileia in the vicinity of Železniki is dedicated to the tradition of charcoal-making in the past and present.
The Architectural heritage trail in Sorica deals with some of the peculiarities and special features of a number of traditional local buildings.

History and cultural heritage

Slovenia's Alps have inspired many writers, painters and other artists, as well as the scientists who lived and worked hereabouts. Some of them are presented on Cultural heritage trail in Žirovnica, whereas Prešeren trail in Kranj is dedicated to life and work of France Prešeren, an important poet of European romanticism.
The bunkers and fortifications of the Rupnik Line near Žiri, Gorenja Vas and Poljane, as well as the Dražgoše Trail near Železniki, which commemorates the 1942 uprising against the Axis occupation, bear testimony to the troubled history of the 20th Century.

Entertainment and wellbeing

Children can meet enchanted characters on the Trail of Triglav fairytales in Kranjska Gora, as well as get to know Blejko the goblin at Bled's Fairy castle trail. Keep fit along the so-called Rikli fitness promenade at Bled, as well as other fitness tracks, such as those in Jesenice.

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