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Boating, or rowing employing all your strength, the adrenaline rush of traversing rapids and falls, diving, or simply swimming… Slovenia is a land of innumerable watercourses: lakes - large and small, wild rivers, waterfalls, torrential narrow gorges and wide fluvial streams, and - last but by no means least - a great many swimming pools, which facilitate all kinds of water sports.


Take a look at the venues for various water sports and recreation activities before renting a boat. You can enjoy, amongst many others, the Bled and Bohinj lakes, as well as the Planšarsko Jezero lake at Jezersko. The beautiful views and genuine contact with nature will surely fascinate.

Rowing, kayaking and canoeing

Bled, more precisely Lake Bled, is the national cradle of oarsmanship; indeed rowing is the sport which has won Slovenia the most success internationally. This lake has also been the venue of world rowing championships and numerous rowing regattas. The Sava - the country’s largest river whose twin sources rise in Gorenjska - is popular with oarsmen, kayakers and canoeists. There are guided kayak trips along the Sava Bohinjka stream below Lake Bohinj as well as other rivers in the region.

Rafting, canyoning and adrenalin!

Rafting, canyoning, hydrospeed and other water sports adventures on the upper Sava and its tributaries provide a genuine rush of adrenaline; and if you’re an addict, you shouldn't miss the Mostnica Gorge, while similar such rushes can be experienced at Bohinj, Bled and Kranjska Gora.


Lake Bled is an annual venue for international scuba divers. If you appreciate somewhat more 'regular' scuba-diving challenges, Lake Bohinj has two popular spots - Pod Skalca, where three small boats are sunk, and the Ukanc wall dive (to 30 m). The channels of the Sava Bohinjka stream provide the entry point.