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An Alpine sports aerodrome for light aircraft and gliders, together with dedicated launch sites for paragliders, ultralites and model aircraft, provide new adventures and expand one’s horizons of Slovenia's Alps. Take off from the highest peaks, fly alone or in tandem over the alpine valleys, learn to fly, or clock up some hours as a qualification for further adventures in the air!

The Slovenian Alps are an ideal starting point for air-bound adventures. Take-offs can be from Sveti Peter above Begunje, Kriška gora above Tržič, Dobrča, Gozd, Vogar, Vogel and Studor above Bohinj, from Dražgoška Gora and Ratitovec, Ambrž pod Krvavcem above Cerklje, and many other starting spots above Preddvor. Kobla above Bohinj holds a school for paragliders. Other popular paragliding tours include the take-off spot Grpišče as one of the officially registered locations. 

Alpine sports aerodrome

Sports flying, gliding, paragliding, acrobatic flying, and even piloting model aircraft – everything is at your disposal at the Alpine sports aerodrome at Lesce, not far from both Radovljica and Bled. You may land here with your own light aircraft, try gliding, rent a plane or take an air-taxi on a panoramic flight; you can even learn to parachute here. The aerodrome also has a collection of vintage aircraft on display.

Gliding and paragliding

Slovenia's Alps have a number of places suitable for embarking on a variety of aerial adventures. At Begunje near Radovljica there is a launch site for ultralights and paragliders; there are also sites at Kriška Gora above Tržič, Dobrča, Vogar, Vogel and Studor above Bohinj, Dražgoška Gora and Ratitovec, Ambrož under Krvavec, as well as a number of launch places above Preddvor. Kobla above Bohinj also has a paragliding school. Among interesting paragliding routes, the Grpišca take-off point should be mentioned, which is entered in the register of take-off points. The height of the starting point is 1,600m, and the landing 800m. The flight takes between 20 to 40 minutes, depending on thermal conditions.

Kranjska Gora

Flying model aircraft

Aircraft modellers can use the launch site at the Alpine sports aerodrome at Lesce near Bled, as well as a dedicated facility at Dobrava near Kropa