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Surrender to the beauty of nature. Observe the birds and learn to distinguish them by their distinctive calls. Discover some very special plants endemic to this region, observe animals in their natural habitat and capture them on camera. Become a botanist; slowly and passionately discover the heart of unspoiled nature, rich in flora and fauna, all this with the expectation of fascinating encounters with rivers, mountains, trees…

Bird watching

Employing all your senses, with the naked eye or using field glasses, and in particular by listening carefully, discover the various species of birds that nest in or pass through Slovenia's Alps. Trboje Lake between Šenčur and Kranj provides home - on permanent and temporary bases - to some 130 bird species; indeed, this lake is a genuine classroom in nature. You can also familiarise yourself with ornithological habitats in the vicinity of gravel pits, riverside groves and even rapids.

The Triglav National Park is a place where an experienced eye can spot a golden eagle, rock ptarmigan, griffon vulture and, if you are lucky enough or in the company of a guide, you may even hear the western capercaillie (wood grouse). You may also take a day-long ornithological trip from Bohinj – they are organised in the context of the annual Wild Flower Festival.

Photo safari

Guided by experienced hunters, who know everything about wildlife in Slovenia's Alps, you can also venture on a photo safari. In early morning or the late-night hours one may observe animals from a hide or, with a guide, track them. Such a pursuit may last a few hours or several days.  

In addition to animals, a photo safari provides a marvellous opportunity to see a great many natural features. Guides are available in Kranjska Gora and Bohinj.

Natural flora

Slovenia's Alps have drawn the attention of botanists for centuries, there are many plant species endemic to its various habitats, some of which were first identified here and accordingly named after their discoverers. Held each spring, Bohinj’s Wild Flower Festival provides an excellent opportunity to get to know alpine flora at first hand, and a number of field trips and excursions are organised within its context.