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Due to the many opportunities for outdoor recreation in the superb natural surroundings, this town nestling below the Alpine peaks is appealing all year long. In winter, its white slopes are the competition venue of the world's best alpine skiers, whereas in summer, the green plains, woods and mountain rivers attract hikers, bikers, mountaineers, fishermen and adrenaline addicts...

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Slovenia is a genuine paradise for sportsmen and women, as well as families more interested in easier ways to experience unspoilt nature.  Kranjska Gora has a wide variety of accommodation, with the hotels offering wellness and convention facilities, whilst the unique natural heritage is an attraction in itself!

North Face of Triglav

The North Face of Triglav literally takes the breath away. It is 1,000m high and 3,000 metres wide and was first climbed in 1890. Mountaineers usually set off for Triglav from the Aljaž Tower in the Vrata valley and today, the face has over 100 different routes to the summit!

Russian Chapel

Towards the top of the winding road to the Vršič pass there is a chapel built to honour the memory of Russian prisoners of war who were buried by a huge avalanche during the construction of the road. At the top of the pass you can admire the Ajdovska Deklica, the face of a young woman visible in the rock of the north face of the Prisank mountain.

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Children Land

Children are enthusiastic about the magical adventures in a very special Kekec Land, the Land of the Dwarfs, and on the trail of Triglav fairytales.
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The Vitranc Cup

Kranjska Gora has gained a reputation as a ski resort because of the Vitranc Alpine Ski Cup. In addition to the actual event, the visitors can also enjoy the traditional Q Max Party, with world-famous musicians who rock the place down to its foundations!

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Prisank and Ajdovska deklica

On the road to Vršič, the highest road pass in the country, the face of a young woman, known as Ajdovska Deklica, is visible in Prisank’s north face, as is a large rock window not far away.

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The nature reserve located at the three-state frontier (Slovenia, Italy and Austria) is the habitat of many rare animal species and endangered plants; it is also the point where Sava Dolinka River rises from countless springs.
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A 7-kilometre long alpine valley set among more than 2,500-m high mountains leads to Tamar, considered by many as the most beautiful alpine valley. Tamar is the source of Nadiža stream and has world famous ski jumps.
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This double waterfall, which first falls 16 metres and then 52 metres, transforms into innumerable icicles and floes in winter.
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