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After months of hard work, why not take it easy and have a real vacation; and following any adventurous day in Slovenia's Alps your body will surely call for some relaxation. Be our guest. Surrender to beneficent climate, the infinite calm and silence of forests and alpine meadows, and yield to relaxing thermal waters or a soothing sauna.

Sun, water and air

Gorenjska's alpine climate is most excellent to your health and wellbeing, so take a deep breath! Swiss doctor Arnold Rikli realised all this back in the 19th Century, and established a spa resort at Bled based on the beneficial effects of sun, thermal water and fresh mountain air. His findings are still reflected in the range of wellness services available in Bled. Visit the Grand Hotel Toplice and the Živa Wellness Centre at the Golf Hotel, which encompasses a spa centre with thermal water drawn from its own spring. Enjoy the pools and saunas, and let yourself be pampered. Similar services are also provided by other hotels in Bled.

Set amidst the Martuljek forest in a beautiful mountain milieu near Kranjska Gora, the Špik Hotel also provides guests with wellness programmes combined with the colours, aromas and sounds in five dedicated thematic rooms.

Pools, saunas and massages

Thanks to its many swimming pools featuring a variety of water features, Bohinj's indoor aquapark ranks among the very best in the country, and, in addition to its connection with the country’s first ecological hotel, is complemented by an array of wellness services. HIT Holidays Hotels in and around Kranjska Gora attend to the complete relaxation of the body.

These hotels also encompass the swimming pools and saunas of the Larx Aqua Centre, the beauty programmes and massages of the Vita Centre, while a more tranquil ambience is provided by the Kompas Hotel spa centre, as well as the baths and saunas of the Alpina Hotel's Viridis Centre.

Similar spa services are offered by other hotels, as well as from specialised sauna and massage providers. The Kokra Hotel wellness centre at the Brdo estate near Kranj, one of the most prestigious establishments in the country, offers an exclusive experience of ultimate luxury.

Taking it easy

The mere landscape of Alpine Slovenia is invigorating, and forever makes one feel better. A crisp mountain climate with many sunny days, crystal clear waters, as well as vast forests and upland pastures, provide pleasure that you don't have to work for. Rest for a while on a bench beside a footpath, or visit the energy points on Pokljuka and identify the energy that suits you best.

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