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There are 42 game reserves in Gorenjska. Both recreational and commercial hunting are permitted for some species, dependant on the current cull numbers. Permit systems are managed by local associations, and, in addition to classical hunting, you may also enjoy the memorable experience of a photo safari in the wilderness.

Game reserves

Game reserves exist in the Karavanken and Kamnik-Savinja Alps, as well as Jelovica and the Poljanska Valley. In addition to these areas, hunting is also facilitated in the forests of Kranjska Gora, Jesenice, Jezersko, Tržič, Šenčur, Krvavec, Železniki, Bled, Gorenja Vas and Škofja Loka. Strict rules apply everywhere, and these have to be observed at all times when hunting.

Hunters' societies

The Begunje Hunters' Association annually determines the various species and numbers of game which are to be culled; accordingly, a portion of these totals may be assigned to guest hunters. Further to the Bled and Gorje districts, the Bled Society of Hunters also administers the regime for the forests of the Pokljuka Plateau reserve, and, like the Jelovica Society as well as most other hunter’s societies in the country, are joined together in the Hunting Association of Slovenia.

Photo safari

A number of agencies provide a completely different experience of hunting way by way of photo-safari programmes. Head off to the highlands with your camera, and capture the images without interfering with the natural balance.

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