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Lake Bohinj

Bohinj and Bled, as well as a number of other mountain lakes, offer excellent angling. The watershed of the Gorenjska, encompassing the Sava and its tributaries, forms part of the greater-Danube river basin. Characteristic fish species include huchen, brown trout and grayling.

Lake fishing

Bohinj is famous for its brook trout which may be caught using a lure (fly) or other line technique at some designated places on the lake. Sports fishermen may also be interested in chub (top-water), burbot (bottom-water) and pumpkinseed in the shallow waters.

Bled Lake boasts numerous trophy carp, some of which are in excess of 20 kg, as well as catfish, pike and zander. Drag line fishing is possible from a boat as is angling from the lake’s bank.
Trboje Lake near Kranj features nase, chub and barbel, Planšarsko Jezero at Jezersko has small brown and brook trout, while Črnava Lake has a grayling spawning ground.

River fishing

The upper reaches of the Sava and its tributaries are salmonid watercourses. The Sava Dolinka has brown and brook trout, whereas Sava Bohinjka boasts grayling, huchen and chub. In summer, the fishing at Triglav's Radovna River - which contains brown, rainbow and brook trout - is a memorable experience.

The Sava river is an excellent river which, in addition to brown and rainbow trout also features grayling of amazing size, as well as huchen weighing over 10 kg. Anglers will also find wild Mostnica stream interesting, though special rules apply to fishing; for the most part the Tržiška Bistrica, Kokra, Sora and other watercourses in the region also contain salmonidae.

Fishing permits and rental

Waters and reserves are managed and supervised by angling associations which form part of a national association of Slovenia; local permits, available from a variety of sources, are mandatory for fishing. Equipment may be rented, while experienced fishermen may be hired as guides. Reel and line fishing, using flies (lures) or natural bait are all permitted; some reserves, however, implement a strict catch and release. Seasonal restrictions may also apply to some waters.

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