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With its green-blue lake, the little island with its church and the medieval castle on the crags above, Bled is the most famous view of Slovenia. This tourist gem of international fame located at the edge of the Triglav National Park, was among the nominees for seven new wonders of the World!

Take a ride in a traditional wooden "pletna" boat across the lake that hosted the 2011 World Rowing Championship, or drive around it in a horse-drawn carriage, and be pampered at one of the resort’s many cosmopolitan-style hotels. Bled is a great congress venue, a treasure trove of cultural heritage, and a hub of recreational and well-being activities. The tradition of world-class health tourism dating back to the 29th century is kept alive at the town’s exquisite wellness centres.


The island in the middle of the lake is a unique symbol of both Bled and Slovenia - it being the only island in the country - but high on the cliffs overlooking the lake is situated the picturesque Bled Castle, that holds a museum, printing works in the watch tower, irresistible temptations in the wine cellar, the Herbal Gallery and the Knight's Hall...

A venue for very special events!

Bled castle
The Bled Island

Bled Days, Bled Festival and the Okarina Ethno Festival

Bled Days that normally take place around July 20th are Bled’s best-known summer event that boasts a rich culinary offer, arts and crafts fair, candles on the lake, magnificent fireworks, and varied fun and entertainment programme.  At the beginning of July, Bled comes alive in the international classical music festival with an authentic production, and in the heat of the summer it dances to the ethno beats of diverse cultures across globe brought to Bled by the traditional Okarina Etno Festival.
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In 1854 the Swiss naturalist Arnold Rikli set the foundations of health tourism by designing special therapies that combined air, sun and water baths. Every year in July, Bled organizes Rikli’s Sport Days in memory of the initiator of modern tourism in this area.


Pletna is a traditional local wooden boat that can ferry you to the island. 

Fijakers are coachmen who, with a horsedriven carriage, take you around the lake, up to the castle or on a trip around the town.

The Pletna boat
Coachmen Fijaker

Cream cake - "Kremšnita"

The symbol of Bled’s cuisine is a delicious cream cake (‘Kremšnita’ or ‘Kremna Rezina’) of which, twelve million pieces are believed to have been made and sold over the last sixty years. Whoever has tasted one knows there's nothing like it! In addition, let other traditional Carniolan dishes surprise you! Many ideas are collected together in the "Taste Bled" booklet that details the whole of Bled's culinary offer.
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Park with its own music pavilion, a venue for various events, and a memorial to Dr Arnold Rikli, the founder of Bled spa tourism.

Souvenirs to make your wishes come true

The wishing bell. The church of the Assumption on the island has a bell that you can ring in order to (hopefully!) make your wishes come true. According to the legend, the original bell is believed to have been lost at the bottom of the lake. The story tells that in the 16th century, a widow who was so distraught at this loss, had all her silver and gold cast in a bell, but on the way to the island the boat together with the bell and boatmen sank due to a sudden terrible storm. After the widow's death the Pope sent a consecrated bell to the Church of the Assumption, which is the one still rung to this day!

The bird of paradise is yet another of Bled's specialities. A peacock-shaped brooch  was found in the area dating from the 6th century, symbolising the source of life and fortune, and you may buy a replica in Bled as a souvenir – ranging in size from a small brooch to a golden pendant or even a paperweight.


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