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The Tržič area is a paradise for seekers of adventure and mystery.

The older folk of Tržič know that dragons once roamed here. One of them is responsible for the creation of Tržič. Nowadays, when supposedly the dragons are no more, there is a prevailing sense of peace and boundless beauty along the forest and mountain paths. But a traveler to these parts should not be fooled by this – every stone here has its own story.

The Dovžanova soteska Gorge

In Dovžan Gorge alone there are thousands of such stories. The gorge is older than the dinosaurs. Its 300 million-year -old walls contain thousands of fossils from times that pre-date even the dragons. The roads in the Tržič area are not so old; they date from the time of ancient Rome. During that time wagons rattled along them over the Loibl Pass; today they are host to the annual races of oldtimer cars and motorcycles, a true sight to behold.

Amazing views

Another sight to behold are the views from here. The Tržič area offers a wealth of trails affording breathtaking views to trekkers, mountaineers, climbers, mountain bikers, scouts, adrenaline lovers, hang-gliders, parachutists, ski mountaineers, ski jumpers, snowboarders, fishermen and hunters, as well as to historians, geologists, poets, and lovers of all things beautiful.

Many famous people lived in these beautiful forested valleys

For instance, Marshal Radetzky, who was immortalized in Johann Strauss I’s Radetzky March. The astronaut Sunita Williams, who has logged more than 3000 flight hours in over 30 different aircraft, has her roots here. Tržič is home to several world-class skiers, among them the first Slovenian world record holder in ski-jumping Jože Šlibar, the initiator of Slovenian skiing hysteria Bojan Križaj, and the Olympic silver medalist in snowboarding Žan Košir. Which is no surprise, according to locals, since in winter this area has the best powder in Slovenia. Is this true?

Cobblers' Sunday

Cobblers' Sunday is the most popular event in Tržič. On the first Sunday in September the streets of Tržič become alive and welcome more than 10,000 people from Slovenia and abroad. However, Cobblers' Sunday has become more than a fair. Today it an event where crafts, shopping in the market, fun, outdoor games and sports take place.


Located in the Zgornja Kajža, a manor in the classical style. Here traditional Tržič crafts are displayed, including charcoal-burning, shoe-making, hosiery and the wheelwright’s trade.


During World War Two, prisoners from the Mauthausen concentration camp were forced, in unbearable conditions, to excavate a 1.5 km long tunnel through the rock through the Karavanken ridge.

Old town

Containing many listed buildings including houses with metal shutters and doors.

What not to miss?

Enjoy the International Days of Minerals, Fossils and the Environment (MINFOS). Cheer at the International Oldtimer Race to the Ljubelj Pass. The wealth of traditional and other events includes the celebration of St. Gregory's Day ('Lights in the Water'), Festival of "Tržiške bržole", EU Dance without Borders, and Carnival events such "Vomnsk' poh" in Lom pod Storžičem. 


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