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Poljanska Dolina is embraced by mountains and has been the inspiration for a number of writers (including Ivan Tavčar) and painters (the Šubic family and Anton Ažbe). The artistic inspiration of the landscape is complemented by views of Blegoš (1,562m), the seven Slatuški Slapovi waterfalls, the yew tree habitat in Dolenja Žetina, the many gorges and other aspects of natural heritage.

The magnificent farmhouses with their special type of double hayracks (called toplar) promise a genuine experience of cultural heritage. The Ivan Tavčar Country Manor at Visoko, the fortifications of the Rupnik Line, a number of tourist farms as well as the subterranean extraction of marble at Hotavlje all offer a chance to travel back through time.

Country Manor at Visoko

At Visoko near Poljane, there is a country manor in which the Slovenian writer Ivan Tavčar - who was also the mayor of Ljubljana - wrote most of his works. The manor and the neighbouring outbuildings represent the culmination of late 18th century farm architecture.
There is a bronze statue of the writer beside the manor house and in a family vault on the terrace above the house, Tavčar rests in peace. You may explore the trail through the forest that is close by.

Due to its extraordinary architecture, historical significance, testimony to a former way of life and natural heritage, the Tavčar Manor and its surroundings are a cultural monument of national importance.

The Rupnik Line

The Rupnik Line is the most interesting example of military architectural heritage from the pre-WWII period. This was the western defence line through the Poljanska Valley, and was the most accomplished of all such defences; it included several hundred bunkers and three subterranean defence blockhouses, constructed by up to 60,000 people and which were of strategic importance in the defence against invasion by Italian forces in the direction of Ljubljana.

There are now a number of pleasant hiking and cycling trails along the remains of this system of fortifications.

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Stari Vrh skiing and tourist centre

This centre is very popular with recreational skiers and also the venue for National and FIS competitions. The 50-hectare site is complete with a new six-chair lift, four ski lifts and a rope tow. The centre can also offer snowboard rental and testing, a snowboard park, night skiing, skiing in powdery snow, a competition ski slope, playground with child care, a sled track as well as a ski and snowboard school.

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The Cultural Centre of the Šubic artists

The Cultural Centre of the Šubic artists, with its rich cultural, exhibition and creative programme, plays a role in the cultural and creative development of the Poljane Valley. It also hosts artists' colonies and art festivals.

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The Thematic Path 'The Path of Poljane Treats'

The Thematic Path 'The Path of Poljane Treats' will lead you through the idyllic corners of the Poljane Valley. Top-quality products, prepared using traditional methods, with a large measure of love and care, can be tasted and bought on the farms.

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Slatuški Slapovi waterfalls near Žetin

Between Gorenja and Dolenja Žetina there are seven waterfalls located at the source of the Slatuška stream. A ravine, about 40m deep, offers views of waterfalls that vary between five and twelve metres in drop.