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Between Mežakla and Karavanke (Karawanks) lies Jesenice, once the industrial hub of the Upper Sava Valley, and today a technical heritage pearl. Sports enthusiasts can enjoy top-quality ice hockey, but due to its rich mining and ironworks tradition, Jesenice can also be discovered as a city of many surprises that are worth seeing.

Only a few steps from the city centre take you to blossoming plains. After visiting the former ironworks settlement at Stara Sava and learning about the history of mining and ironworks in the Upper Sava Valley Museum Jesenice, make sure you visit the villages below Golica in May where you will find blossoming plains and native populations of poet’s daffodils - also called »locks«. It is here that the inspiration for the song Golica, considered to be the most played instrumental tune in the world, was found.

Stara Sava

In the Stara Sava museum area you will find Kolpern (renovated coal storage), the Bucelleni-Ruard Manor, the Church of the Assumption of Mary, and Kasarna, a former apartment building for workers with a reconstructed workers’ apartment. Here you can roll back the time and enjoy the taste of home-made barley coffee. Stara Sava is alive again thanks to its music school students and visitors to various events.

Get to know the history of Jesenice and feel the vibrant cultural pulse!

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Golica and plains of daffodils

Planina Pod Golico, Plavški and Javorniški Rovt are excellent starting points for hiking. In May the so-called »locks« or poet’s daffodils are in full bloom below Golica, and the month of daffodils is completed by farm games.

See how skilful you are at farm chores and walk among the white plains!

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Savske jame and Old mining route

Visit Savske jame, once a rich iron ore deposit. A walk along the Old mining route will take you into the past and show you parts of the everyday lives of the people who excavated and transported iron ore in this area. You might meet Viktor Ruard, the ironworker, or bump into Heinrich, the mining manager. You can hear the sound of the mining pick being used by Tona, the miner’s strong arm.

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Pristava and the Zois Park

The first botanical garden in Slovenia is the precious legacy of the renowned naturalist Karel Zois. A stroll among hundred-year-old trees will make time stand still and take you away to a land of imagination. It is quite possible that you will hear or meet one of the fairy creatures. In the Zois Park you will find comfort for the soul as well as your body, no matter which season of the year it is.

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Ice hockey

Jesenice Hockey Club boasts a long tradition and a great collection of National Championship titles. Every year, more than 160 games are played in the sporting arena Podmežakla. Join the Red Steelers fans in their passionate support.

JeseNICE bikes

How can I rent a bike?

The "JeseNICE bikes" system can be used by users who have completed 14 years of age and registered with TIC Jesenice. Access to the bike rental service is subject to a registration fee (a lump sum of EUR 10,00), which is valid for one year. Registration is by form and statement. Upon registration users are presented with a user card and PIN code. General Conditions and Technical Instructions apply.

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