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Bled - vožnja s pletno
With its green-blue lake, the little island with its church and the medieval castle on the crags above, Bled is the most famous view of Slovenia. This tourist gem of international fame located at the edge of the Triglav National Park, was among the nominees for seven new wonders of the World!
You can enjoy the lake - which will be the venue of the World Rowing Championship in 2011 - on a traditional wood boat called a pletna, or drive around the perimeter by horse and carriage (the good old fijaker), or be spoiled in comfortable hotels with excellent conference facilities.

Further to this, you can find here a wealth of cultural heritage and boundless possibilities for mountain recreation, you may also look after your well-being as the traditions of cosmopolitan spa tourism reaching back to 19th century are preserved by the excellent wellness centres and spa's.

Bled Castle above the lake

Bled Castle above the lake
The island in the middle of the lake is a unique symbol of both Bled and Slovenia - it being the only island in the country - but high on the cliffs overlooking the lake is situated the picturesque Bled Castle, that holds a museum, printing works in the watch tower, irresistible temptations in the wine cellar, the Herbal Gallery and the Knight's Hall... 
A venue for very special events!

Bled Days, Bled Festival and the Okarina Ethno Festival

Every fourth weekend in July there are the Bled Days; with promenade concerts, a fair, lights floating on the lake and magnificent fireworks. In early July, Bled is the venue for the International Music Festival with an authentic productions of classical music, whilst for the past two decades, the town comes alive every August with music from across the world during The Okarina Ethno Festival.

Arnold Rikli and miraculous climate

In 1854, the Swiss physician, Dr. Arnold Rikli established the foundations of spa tourism in Bled, with its special combination of air, sun and water baths. Rikli's Sports Days take place every July and are dedicated to this great man.

Souvenirs to make your wishes come true

The wishing bell. The church of the Assumption on the island has a bell that you can ring in order to (hopefully!) make your wishes come true. According to the legend, the original bell is believed to have been lost at the bottom of the lake. The story tells that in the 16th century, a widow who was so distraught at this loss, had all her silver and gold cast in a bell, but on the way to the island the boat together with the bell and boatmen sank due to a sudden terrible storm. After the widow's death the Pope sent a consecrated bell to the Church of the Assumption, which is the one still rung to this day!

The bird of paradise is yet another of Bled's specialities. A peacock-shaped brooch  was found in the area dating from the 6th century, symbolising the source of life and fortune, and you may buy a replica in Bled as a souvenir – ranging in size from a small brooch to a golden pendant or even a paperweight.

Creme de la creme!

Bled's cream cake
The symbol of Bled’s cuisine is a delicious cream cake (‘Kremšnita’ or ‘Kremna Rezina’) of which, eleven million pieces are believed to have been made and sold over the last sixty years. Whoever has tasted one knows there's nothing like it!
In addition, let other traditional Carniolan dishes surprise you! Many ideas are collected together in the "Taste Bled" booklet that details the whole of Bled's culinary offer.
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