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Škofja Loka
One of the oldest and most carefully preserved medieval towns in Slovenia enraptures merely by walking through its two squares. The old town centre is composed of an upper square called Mestni Trg or Plac, and the lower, Spodnji Trg or Lontrg, both of which are dominated by Škofja Loka Castle. Rich historical heritage is on display in its museum collections.
The town surroundings include such treasures as the old farmhouses at Suha, Stara Loka and Puštal. Behind the town walls, but not far from the town centre, you may visit a number of natural attractions including the Lubniška Jama cave system and Mary's Chasm.

Škofja Loka Castle

Škofja Loka Castle
The castle hosts a museum with rich collections that range across archaeology, cultural history, art history and ethnology to the natural sciences. The castle has been extended and altered over the years and so it is an interesting mosaic of various architectural styles. A trail leads to the castle gate.

Škofjeloški pasijon

Škofjeloški pasijon
The Škofja Loka Passion play (Processio Locopolitana), is the first dramatic text in the Slovenian language, and was written by Capuchin Romuald Marušič. What used to be just a procession has now become a true spectacle, with over 600 participants. The next performance will take place in 2015!

Škofjeloški kruhki

Škofjeloški kruhki
Škofja Loka is famous for its little honey breads (Loški Medenjaki), made by pressing fresh dough into hand-carved wooden moulds of various shapes and motifs. Rye or white flour is mixed with honey, pepper, cinnamon, cloves and potash.

The Crowned Blackamoor

Škofja Loka coat-of-arms depicts a blackamoor, and the legend tells that this black servant of Bishop Abraham of Freising saved the petrified bishop from a huge bear.

Say YES!

Get married in Škofja Loka – in the castle, with a civil or medieval ceremony.

Thematic trail Path to Puštal

On a walk along the theme trail trough Puštal you will hear stories that will reveal how "Puštuci" - the inhabitants of Puštal lived in old times. You will find out how the devil, combs and frogs are connected with Puštal, and many other interesting things.

You can find more information on our web page, where you can also find a brochure Path to Puštal
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