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This medieval town has an attractive old centre that has been carefully restored and protected as well as a lovely castle park. The original medieval walls encircle the only surviving moat in Slovenia. A number of museums hold a rich cultural and ethnographic heritage whilst the rows of late medieval, renaissance and baroque civic houses are venues of many varied events.

Radovljica was the home of Anton Tomaž Linhart, the first Slovenian dramatist and is the centre of Slovenian apiculture, as well as being famous for its early music. In the surrounding area, there are many natural, cultural and historical tourist attractions. Definitely worth seeing is Kropa with Iron Forging Museum, and the pilgrimage destination of Brezje - considered to be the spiritual centre of Slovenia. Not far away, there is Lesce with its Alpine flying centre, the Šobec camping site and Begunje, home to Slovenian alpine dancing songs.

Festival events

Festival events

The Radovljica Festival is the oldest festival of early music in Slovenia. The Path of Venus event evokes a medieval way of life, and during summer and winter, diverse events are held in Radovljica old town and Radovljica Mansion.

Linhart's town of culture

Radovljica is the hometown of Anton Tomaž Linhart, the main character of the Slovenian enlightenment and pioneer of dramatic arts, theatre and historiography. The town preserves his memory in the museum as well as through various events.


Apiculture Museum

The Apiculture Museum in the old town centre is the place to learn about this important aspect of the town’s heritage. The museum holds a collection of painted beehive doors, often humorously illustrated, and which are now an indispensable and unique souvenir of the Gorenjska region.

Lectovo Srce (Lebkuchenherz)

Lectar Hearts

This beautifully decorated honey-bread confection can also be eaten! These popular sweet products are best known when shaped as a heart, and the most beautiful of them are preserved in the museum collection of the Lectar Restaurant in Radovljica, where there is also a dedicated workshop making these ‘Lectar Hearts’.

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