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Bohinj lake
With a background of mystical mountains, Lake Bohinj is the perfect venue for those who seek tranquillity and relaxation in nature. In summer, the place comes alive with bathers and water sports enthusiasts, whereas in winter - with the mountains covered in snow and the lake frozen - skaters, cross-country skiers and people in search of a winter idyll flock here.
There are many possibilities for recreation at any time of the year!

More than a half of the Bohinj region lies within the Triglav National Park. Climb up to the popular Savica waterfall above Lake Bohinj or visit the wild Mostnica Gorge. Take a look at the unique hayracks (kozolec), visit the Iron Age site of Ajdovski Gradec or the Zois Manor - the one-time residence of the last proprietor of the Bohinj ironworks. There are plenty of other small museums within which to discover the rich cultural heritage of the area.

Lake Bohinj

Savica waterfall
The largest Slovenian natural lake is some 4,100m long, up to 1,200m wide and up to 45m deep. Filled by the river Savica from the readily accessible 71m Savica waterfall, the lake is - among other things - the home of Lake Char (Salvelinus alpinus).

Church of St. John the Baptist

Church of St. John the Baptist
The church, together with the adjacent bridge and the view of the lake at Ribčev Laz, is the symbol of Bohinj. It was built before 1300a.d, and later reconstructed and decorated with Baroque altars. It is one of the most beautiful examples of medieval architecture and painting in Slovenia.

Cow's Ball and other events

On the third Sunday in September, Ukanc is the venue of the Cow Ball (Kravji Bal), a traditional event that seeks to preserve the old traditions of Bohinj pastoral farming and cheese-making that accompanied the return of cowherds and their cattle from the high mountain pastures. Every spring Bohinj hosts the International Wild Flower Festival, whilst in summer there are midsummer nights and the Bohinj Musical Summer festival, that features some of the very best classical musicians.

Bohinj cheese

Bohinj cheese
Mohant is the king among the delicious Bohinj cheeses. This semi-soft and sharply flavoured cheese is a genuine delicacy, and its trademarked spiciness is only one of the Slovenian and Carniolan culinary delights!

The Bohinj Railway (Transalpina)

Opened in 1906, the railway continues to win admiration for its construction and exceptional route. You can take a ride on a vintage train and experience the splendid views of Lake Bohinj, the gorges and ravines as well as travelling through many tunnels, the longest of which is 6,327m!

The legend of Goldenhorn and the magical flower

National Park Triglav
In the legend, the Goldenhorn (Zlatorog) - now the symbolic animal of the Triglav National Park - is shot by a young hunter who is in love and blinded with desire for treasure guarded by the animal. A magical flower growing on Triglav heals the Goldenhorn’s wound, and the animal takes his revenge upon the hunter before leaving, never to be seen again, along with the treasure. Have respect for nature!
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