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This town holds the twin titles of best kept and the most hospitable place in Slovenia, and is situated immediately below the popular Krvavec ski centre. It is about 30 km from Ljubljana - the capital of Slovenia - and only 12 km from Kranj - the centre of the Gorenjska region - and in the vicinity of the central Jože Pučnik Ljubljana airport.
Thus, you may visit Cerklje in passing, though there are plenty of reasons to plan a special visit. It has a typical village centre with a Baroque church, and the local specialities and hospitality are a promise of a good time.

Further reasons to visit Cerklje, are important meetings held there, a visit to the Strmol Castle and the delights at Dvor Jezeršek, the centre of Slovenian culinary arts.


Ski resort Krvavec
In winter, this recreational and tourist centre is an excellent ski resort, closest to the Slovenian capital, whilst in summer it provides a number of possibilities for hikers and bikers. You can take a trip to the Marija Snežna Chapel designed by the famous architect Jože Plečnik.

Strmol Castle

Strmol castle

Medieval castle, first appearing in written records during the 13th century, is now a national cultural heritage monument, as well as the venue for a number of political meetings and visits. It is surrounded by a park and lake.

Church of the Annunciation of the Virgin in Adergas

Church of the Annunciation of the Virgin in Adergas
This Baroque building is decorated with seven altar paintings by the famous Austrian Baroque painter Johann Martin Schmid from Krems. The most famous work of art in the church is the "Virgin and Child", which is the oldest statue of the Virgin in Slovenia.

Local event: "Best Crop"

Every November, there is a "Best crop" competition for cabbages, potatoes, red beets, mangelwurzels as well as kohlrabi and turnips. See for yourself who has the biggest potatoes - which in Slovenia means also having the best luck!
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