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The old town at the confluence of two rivers is the administrative and cultural centre of Gorenjska (Upper Carniola) - the land just below the Alps. Here, the legacy of the greatest Slovenian poet France Prešeren lives on, whose life and times you can experience at the Prešeren Fair.
You just can't take your eyes away from the facades of the elegant civic buildings such as the City Hall with its museum exhibitions, and the wonderful Pavšlar House dating from the 16th century, with one of the most beautiful renaissance arcade passages in Slovenia. Khislstein Manor that first appeared in written records in the 13th century is the venue of a number of events, including the Carniola Festival.

The labyrinth of tunnels built during WWII is accessible today for visitors, many of whom like to return to Kranj because of the annual Kranfest - the largest summer entertainment event. There is also a rich natural heritage in the vicinity!

Kokra River Gorge

Kokra River Gorge
A gorge almost 30m deep is a remarkable natural feature that cuts right through the ancient town centre of Kranj! The gorge has sandbanks, meadows, a freshwater swamp forest, boulders and other interesting features that make for a wonderful nature trail.

Park Brdo

Kranj - Brdo
In the park you can admire rich flora and fauna as well as numerous sights, including the renaissance-period Brdo Castle, with a valuable sculpture collection, the beehive decorated by famous Slovenian artists and the straw-covered hayracks. It is recommended to arrange you visit in advance, which can be done at the reception of the Hotel Kokra. 

The town of the poet France Prešeren

Prešeren's House
Prešeren's House is a museum holding manuscripts and the personal archive of Dr France Prešeren, the greatest Slovenian poet. The Prešeren Fair organised every 8th February is an event where the participants dress in costumes and dance to music, listen to recitals and ride in carriages and try to turn the clock back 150 years. 

Festivals and other events

Kranj is a festival town pulsating to a number of cultural and traditional events. Following the Prešeren Fair the month of February is characterised by the International Shrovetide Carnival and March by the Week of Slovenian Drama. In May, the town hosts the Week of the Young, as well as the Kranj Cycling Grand Prix and Mayor’s race.

Summer nights offer selected events within the multicultural Carniola Festival, whilst visitors from near and far travel to Kranj in mid-summer, drawn by the most popular entertainment event in the Gorenjska region – the traditional Kranj Night – Kranfest festival. The sound of jazz and blues combines at the International Jazz Kamp in August which also offers Rekreatur - a sports and recreation event.

September is the time for the traditional children's event, Živ Žav, and December festivities start with the erection of town Christmas tree followed by a variety of various events, including a Christmas and New Year fair as well as an open-air celebration of New Year’s Eve.

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