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For families with smaller children, holidays in Gorenjska can be full of stories of fairytale characters, laughter and cherished memories. There are a variety of events, programmes, workshops specifically aimed at the younger generation, while any exploration of the pristine nature of Slovenia's Alps makes for a truly unforgettable family experience.

Adventures for children

With its magical snowy peaks, Gorenjska is a true land of fairytales. Events specifically aimed at young children include Kekec Days in Kranjska Gora (June); wandering through Kekec Land, where only those aged between 3 and 10 may enter; kids will get to know Kekec, the hero of stories and the most popular Slovene children’s movie ever.

The Land of the Dwarfs in Martuljek Forest, not far from Kranjska Gora, can be accessed by following the secret marks. You can also take your children along the Trail of the Triglav Fairytale in Dovje, near Mojstrana, where they shall learn seven fairytales and try the giant's biscuits.

Workshops for children

At BoFejst festival, held every July in Bohinj, children enjoy music, have fun, and involve themselves in a number of workshops.

At Hiša Pr'Katr in Dovlje, children participate in the preparation of local delights and explore nature in the context of outdoor workshops.

Children may also attend workshops at the Škofja Loka Museum where they learn various painting techniques and writing in the Gothic script, together with chest painting and making a variety of articles, such as necklaces.

At the Atelje workshops in Kranj, children can have great fun engaging in various activities including body painting.

Family excursions

Old print-shop at Bled Castle

At Bled children will be interested in the story about the sunken bell that the pletna ferrymen relate on the way to the island, while the old print-shop at Bled Castle is also impressive; and after any trip to Vintgar Gorge they will love a piece of local cream cake.

In Bohinj children can learn about historical events and life in the mountains, together with the traditions of alpine herdsmen, while a trip to the magical Savica Waterfall at the upper end of Lake Bohinj is one to cherish forever.

Radovljica is a perfect place to learn all about bee-keeping, the life of bees, as well as the beneficent properties of honey; the humorous motifs of the painted beehive panels will surely make everyone laugh.

Gorenjska’s wide variety and extensive network of thematic trails are an excellent choice for a family day out.

Family entertainment

Crystal clear lakes, thermal aqua parks and swimming pools – all of which Gorenjska has a great many - forever attract children, and are a perfect environment in which the younger generation can develop their interest in water sports.

Hiking packages aimed and adapted to the abilities of families may well be just the right thing, and even more interesting with a guide. Such providers are to be found in Bohinj. Wherever you are in Alpine Slovenia, there are less demanding hiking or walking tours suitable for children, for example around the Planšarsko Jezero lake in Jezersko, Šmarjetna Gora above Kranj, and the Jasna lake in Kranjska Gora.

Many routes for cyclists are easy enough to make for great family outings. In addition, you may enjoy horse-riding with your children, and riding courses specifically for children are organised in Bohinj and the Triglav National Park.


Winter activites

In winter all the region’s ski resorts provide tuition suitable for those of all ages and abilities, while kids will also enjoy sledding both on the toboggan runs or at special venues in the wild.

Family Adventures

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