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If you like delicious potatoes, then you should visit the place where potatoes are a genuine culinary delight, and even have a monument! In Slovene, having potatoes means being lucky! This is one of the largest villages in the Kranj plain, first mentioned in written records in 1238, and built on Roman foundations.
In the neigbouring villages of Visoko and Milje you may enjoy all manner of recreational activities or take a picnic in the canyon of the River Kokra. The surrounding settlements provide an unspoilt rural atmosphere with a combination of original architecture and folk customs and traditions. The landscape of fields and forests offers many possibilities for easy cycling, whereas in the nearby town of Kranj, you may explore Roman finds excavated in Šenčur, which include a sarcophagus.

Trboje Lake

Trboje Lake
Upon the damming the River Sava, the water flooded the gravel pits and rapids and created a lake that is now home to about 140 various species of water birds. At the same time, the rocky walls of the Zarica canyon provided the habitat for a number of plants otherwise found in the mountains, including the endangered edelweiss, here growing at the lowest elevation in Slovenia!

Churches of St. Catherine and St. Radegunda

Churches of St. Catherine and St. Radegunda with shared bell tower
The interior of the Gothic church of St. Radegunda in Srednja Vas is decorated with frescoes from 1440. In close proximity, is the church of St. Catherine, built in 1531, which boasts a golden altar from the mid-17th century and a wooden coffered ceiling. Both churches share a common bell tower which is a special attraction.

Godla Day and Godlar Shrovetide Carnival

‘Godla’ (made from pig blood, barley and porridge) served with potatoes in their skin is a traditional dish from Šenčur that you have to try on Godla Day held every February. Invigorated by this original dish, you may join the Godlars on their carnival around Šenčur and its surroundings.

Potato feast

Potato field
In the central Gorenjska region, the Šenčur potato holds a very special place. You may discover it at the Potato Feast in June, with a parade of rustic clothes and agricultural implements from the long tradition of potato growing, as well as a wide range of potato-based dishes. The competition between local and visiting teams in the preparation of sautéd potatoes is of special interest – and taste.
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